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This machine is a home-brew Intel Pentium III 2.40 GHz on an Intel 850 chipset running Fedora 10. I used to run Windoze 95 on it, way back when, but that fad passed. I have a small LAN running in the house with a total of 11 permanent nodes (counting the garage:-), several of which are set to dual boot Windows and Linux. We're connected to "the Net" by a dedicated DSL link to my friends at Ameritech in Appleton, WI.




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About Me and my Family

Check out our reunion party at Rainier's in South Glens Falls.

We moved here in 1991, from Glens Falls, NY. Glens Falls is one of the oldest settlements in the Adirondack Mountain region.

Legend has it that Glens Falls was renamed from Wing's Falls after the original property owner, Abraham Wing, lost the title to the property to Colonel Glen in a card game. I'm not making this up. For a synopsis, check out this link. There is an elementary school in Glens Falls still called Abraham Wing Elementary School.

I am an electrical engineer with a BSEE from Union College in Schenectady, NY. Union celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1995. My wife Holly works in the school-age child care group at the Appleton Family YMCA. Our kids, Scott and Eric, attended school at Appleton North Senior High and Roosevelt Junior High. Scott is now a Marine, with his TDY at Quantico, Va. Eric is currently a sophomore at North.

 Holly and I enjoy riding on my '92 Harley-Davidson ElectraGlide. Now Holly has her own '93 Sportster 883 she rides!

Other utterly useless crap

I still maintain an online Visitor Record, so I can see who is visiting and what you think. You can see other people's comments here as well, so you can avoid making the same observations! [Editor's note, 17 Apr 2005 - the default page name has been changed to deter assbags and script kiddies from plugging in URLs for search bots to find and link to. We'll see how effective the schema is.]

I am working on building up groups of pages by year. Call it a diary, or chronicle, or whatever you like. This link will allow you to peruse my web pages by year. Most of this content is spottily documented, at best; but you must understand that this is a hobby, not an obsession.

Since I'm an electrical engineer, I am always interested in electrical stuff. This movie is purported to be opening a nominal 500 kV line with some sort of single phase load on it - possibly a fault. It's a cool video clip anyhow.

One of my old schoolmates at Clarkson University has made quite a name for himself. Russ Nelson heads up crynwr.com, and he is an icon in the free software world. You should check him out.

I attended the State University of New York at Morrisville from August 1981 until May 1983. The campus is set against a backdrop of the quintessential agricultural section of the state of New York, about 40 miles southwest of Utica, NY. I highly recommend the college. Their Engineering Science program is faltering due to the United States' general  disinterest in the engineering profession, but I assure you that if you are seeking a first-class two-year introduction to the engineering disciplines, you need not search further than Morrisville to find top-notch education. They offer transfer assistance to such names as Clarkson University and RPI, to name but two. I firmly believe that a career in Engineering beats a career in burger-flipping hands down, but of course, that is only my opinion.

After graduating with an ASES from Morrisville, I transferred to Union College in Schenectady, NY. Trust me, the spelling is correct. I obtained a BSEE degree from Union in June 1988. Union is a remarkable campus, and gains support from adjunct professors in the employ of General Electric. I like to go hunting. I do a little motorcycling also.

We have some of our personal and family vacations chronicled here.

Some Other Links

My former primary ISP's home page is at DotNet (Formerly EarthReach). Say 'Hi' to them for me.
My secondary ISP's Home Page is located at Athenet.net
(No, these are not *REALLY* a favorite link, but they might pull the plug on me if I don't give them a plug :-)

Check out my son Scott's homepage, built by himself. He hasn't done a damned thing with it in several years, but I keep it open for him.
Have you ever checked out the Internet Underground Music Archive?
My favorite radio station back in Albany, NY is on the Web! Try PYX106 for fun. Mason and Sheehan are gone, though. Last I heard they were being sued for something that happened in their "Ugly Bride" contest. Interesting reading. They got bounced off WPYX for that, got hired at another station and got fired from there too. Now they are suing the latter station for $50 million.

If yer a Packer fan, check out the South End Zone!

I'm not particularly inclined to do either of (a) posting my political views, or (b) wasting our time. Hopefully, none of the links I provide here do either, for you or for me. I have a life, such that it is, and I merely hope that some of the things I have experienced inspire you to do something for yourself. Go out and see the continent. It's huge. there are a lot of things to see.

When I figure out how to link to files on this server better, I intend to show you what not to do as an engineer. More to come.

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Not-so-favorite links

I have abandoned my link to Jim Jacobsen's web site. It's not worth the effort. Sorry, Jim, but you need to load less crap.

You can reach me by e-mail at: dsteves at vdands [dot] com.

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