Party at Rainier's, 26 Dec 1999

I wish this party could have lasted longer. I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone, bit I tried!

Joanne, Eric, Jill, Jeff, Chris and Dan Steves     Ayman and Jennifer Mobarak's son Benjamin     Cindy, Ron and Hayley Dickens; Joanne, Jill and Chris Steves; Amy    Joan Inman; Stan and Phyllis Steves; Craig Sweet; Bill Dalton; Vic and Nancy Steves    Gretchen Inman    Jennifer and Ayman Mobarak; Joan Inman    Jennifer and Ayman Mobarak    (in foreground) Carole Steves; Elizabeth, Chuck and Gretchen Inman    Keith LeClair; Al ("Brud") and Alice Towers    Chris, Michael and Scott Steves    Ron, Cindy and Hayley Dickens; Joanne, Leslie and Chris Steves     Keith and Nat LeClair    Tommy Flynn    Ayman Mobarak; Chris, Dan and Scott Steves    John and Michelle Shine    (in foreground) Holly and Eric Steves holding Caleb Shine    Tom Flynn's friend     Leon and Carole's neighbors     Jill Steves    Joanne and Amy Steves    Nancy and Ron Carmer    A crowd, with Matt and Barb Steves in the foreground    Leon and Carole's neighbors    Gretchen Inman; Joan Inman holding grandson Benjamin Mobarek    Hayley Steves     Heather, Craig, David, Steve, Stephanie, Sandy and Samantha Sweet; Julia Sweet    Heather, Craig and David Sweet    Stephanie, Sandy and Samantha Sweet    Samantha, Julia, and Heather Sweet    Steve Sweet    Keith and Nat LeClair; Carole Steves    Ron Dickens    Cindy Dickens     Stan and Phyllis Steves    Vic and Nancy Steves    Alice and Al Towers    Jeffrey Steves     Dan Steves; Ron Carmer    Jennifer and Ayman Mobarak    Joan Inman holding grandson Benjamin Mobarak    Michael, Alex and Eric Steves (cousins)    Andrew and Michael Steves (second cousins)    Scott and Matt Steves    Michelle Shine and baby Caleb     Samantha Sweet     Joan Inman and grandson Benjamin Mobarak     Scott Steves; Samantha Sweet; Chuck, Elizabeth and Gretchen Inman    Dan Steves; Ron Carmer     Stephanie Sweet, Carole Steves; Sandy Sweet     Steve and Stephanie Sweet    Julia Sweet    David Sweet     Scott and Jeffrey Steves    Jill and Joanne Steves    Chris, Jill and Joanne Steves    Nate Flynn     Tom Flynn's friend; Nat LeClair     Amy Steves     Amy Steves    Gretchen Inman     "Samantha The Bird"     The bird with Eric Steves    The bird and Eric (2)    Hayley Dickens    Ron, Hayley and Cindy Dickens     Benjamin and Ayman Mobarak     The bird    Nancy and Ron Carmer; Al and Alice Towers; Nate Flynn     Nancy Steves; Chuck Inman; Dan Steves     (foreground) Amy and Leslie Steves; Nate Flynn     Nate Flynn; Al and Alice Towers     Tommy Flynn and Friend    Keith and Nat LeClair; Tommy and Nate Flynn; Tommy's friend     Alex and Barb Steves    Leon and Carole's neighbors    Scott and Holly Steves; Samantha Sweet    Samantha Sweet    David Sweet; Bird and trainer; Eric Steves; Al Towers; Amy Steves    Carole and Matt Steves; Elizabeth Inman    Michelle and Baby Shine    John Shine    Amy and Phyllis Steves     Leslie Steves    Tommy Flynn; Al Towers    Tommy's Friend; Matt Steves; Alice Towers; Carole Steves; Nate Flynn; Nat LeClair     Carole Steves; Alice Towers     Ron Carmer; Matt Steves

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