1993 Activities and Memories

Motorcycling again

1993 marked the year I resumed going to rallies and parties on the motorcycle. I hadn't really ridden much since 1989, so I welcomed the chance to go somewhere with somebody else on bikes.

Jay and Kathy Danielsen, Kevin and Marti Maas and I went to Union Grove, WI for the All-Harley drags in June. I took a lot of pictures, some of which I can post here. When I find the pictures, I'll scan a few. Those who were there may recall the battle cry "Winnebagos!" . Just thinking of it brings a tear to my eye.

In September Jay and Kevin invited me to ride to Tomahawk with them. We stayed at Bert's campsites on Lake George, WI (just east of Rhinelander). The camp was like a fun house. The floors pitched all over the place. It was a challenge to walk around in the place sober.

By October 1993 I had made up my mind I was going to remove the 2.8 liter engine in my S-15 and replace it with a 4.3 liter. I acquired the engine and transmission in mid November, sent the block and heads to Automotive Specialties for machine work, and hit the road for hunting in New York. I picked up the engine parts when I got back from New York, and proceeded to blueprint the engine. This project carried into 1994.

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