1992 Activities and Memories

Shift Work, Year Two

I was still assigned to a weaving shift at work, working as a supervisor. One of the millwright apprentices, Kurt Nowak, heard I knew a little about electricity, and asked me if I would wire his new house. Naturally I agreed, with the prime stipulation being he keep beer on hand. Afterwards he figured it would have been cheaper to hire a contractor than to keep me in beer. Oh, well...

Kurt invited me to his camp that November to deer hunt. This was the first time I hunted in Wisconsin. I should have brought a camera and taken pictures, but chances are the best shot would have been me getting into the Royal Bohemian XXX horseradish mustard. Those guys are sadistic - you think anyone would warn me?

The Company puts on a children's Christmas party every year. They have this guy who could pass for the real Santa Claus there. Here is a picture of our sons Scott and Eric with Santa in 1992.

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